Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors

At Coney's Garage Doors, we offer a complete line of TORMAX automatic doors. You will find the right solution for every entrance or passageway, for new buildings and for retro-fitting.

In order to really make everything possible, as a TORMAX dealer, we offer standard solutions - but we can create a customized automatic door system for your specific project and situation. We offer well-engineered solutions for a wide range of applications and types of buildings.

Automatic Sliding Doors

TORMAX automatic sliding door systems provide extensive convenience and flexibility for effortless access without contact with the door. In our extensive product range, you will find the right door solution for every building, whether for installation during its construction or for retro-fitting.

Automatic Swing Doors - Practical Doors with an Automatic Turn of Mind

Automatic swing doors are very practical: they close securely and are easily installed. Existing manual doors can be rapidly automated without complication. Swing doors increase convenience and provide barrier-free access for the disabled.

For more information on the complete line of TORMAX doors please visit this link to learn more .

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